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Pooja of Her Holiness Shri Mahalasa-Narayani Devi starts early morning at 05:30AM. Schedule of Daily Pooja: Pooja is offered to "Panch-Dhatu" (five metal sacred alloys) murti of Shri Mahalasa Devi and Shri Santeri Devi. Kakad-Arti followed by Nirmal Pooja and Abhishek starts at 05:30AM. Maha-Pooja which constitutes Alankara, Kumkum Archana, Nevedyam offering and Arti starts at 12:30 Pm. A Silver Murti of her Holiness Shri Mahalasa Devi is used for Palki Seva. Kulavis have their Palki Pooja on weekly basis. 8.30 PM : Last Arati and temple closer. And one silver murthy of mahalasa devi which is used for PALKI seva. Sri Ganesh and Sri Santeridevi idols are also worshipped at the Mahalasa Devastan.

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